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AFL-CIO Building Investment Trust

The AFL-CIO Building Investment Trust (BIT) is a bank collective trust investing in commercial real estate. As a collateral objective, BIT investments help create union jobs and promote positive labor relations.

Securities offered through AFL-CIO ITC Financial, LLC

The BNY Mellon AFL-CIO Equity Index Funds offer competitively-priced, low-cost equity index fund solutions designed to meet the needs of union pension plan investors. There are four different index funds currently open and more in process. Funds are available to pension and annuity plans with no minimum investment size and no minimum plan size. All of the proxies in each of these funds will be voted in accordance with the AFL-CIO’s Proxy Voting Guidelines.


    AFL-CIO licensed funds offer eligible pension and retirement plans the opportunity to diversify their portfolios, reduce risk and enhance returns through prudent investments.  First and foremost, the goal of each fund is to meet its investment objectives and criteria.  To the greatest extent consistent with that goal, the fund will also implement its applicable labor policy. The implementation of any labor policy is subject to compliance with all relevant fiduciary duties, including under ERISA where applicable, and other applicable laws.

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