Meet Kevin Philbin

Proud IBEW member and a member of Local 3 since 2004.

Kevin Philbin

Kevin Philbin is an electrician and 31-year-old IBEW member.
He has been a member of Local 3 since 2004.

About Brian

Kevin Philbin is a 31-year-old IBEW member. He has worked on the Riverside Project in New York City, which was financed by union pension dollars through AFL-CIO-sponsored investment programs. Kevin has been a member of Local 3 since 2004.

Kevin installed the conduit that goes before the concrete port on each floor at Riverside Drive, a 100% union-built property located along the Hudson River on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. He and his team of electricians were always on the highest floor of the building; they installed the pipe in place so the wires can be installed at a later date.

When asked about what this work means to him, Kevin explains:

This work was vital to my career, my life, and my family because it provided a stable income, weekly pay that I can count on, great benefits, and great camaraderie.

Kevin is very proud to go to work each day and be able to see the inner workings of a building as it is being constructed, and how a job of this magnitude gets completed properly and safely.

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