Rudolph HallRudolph Hall, 57, a married father of four, is a member of the Excavators Union Local 731. He is currently working on the Riverside Drive Project in New York City, a 100% union-built property located along the Hudson River on the Upper West Side of Manhattan that is financed by union pension dollars through AFL-CIO-sponsored programs. He is expected to potentially be there for the next year.

Rudolph, who has been a part of his union since 1986, is a shop steward on the Riverside Project. Working on this site makes Rudolph feel that he is here to make a difference; he wants to make sure that the project is going according to plan and that the contractors’ work is being carried out the right way.

When asked what being a union member means to Rudolph, he explains that for him, “It’s about being a part of a unit of integral workers who are dedicated to making the project come to three-dimensional light by working together as a team.”