The AFL-CIO Investment Trust Corporation (ITC)

offers labor-friendly investment vehicles an integrated package of services designed for all clients to compete and grow within the Taft Hartley market.

Investor Relations

Serving as the Principal Point of Contact for Investors

The AFL-CIO Investment Trust Corporation (ITC) is the principal point of contact for many of its clients’ investors having responsibility for responding to investor inquiries and requests as well as preparing reports and presentations that communicate the strategy and performance related to the investment vehicle. Throughout any given year, ITC conducts over 100 presentations to current or prospective Taft-Hartley investors and their investment consultants. This continuous interaction with investors has enabled ITC to indentify current trends in the Taft-Hartley market including opportunities for investment products capable of meeting these trends.

Labor Relations

Offering the Most Labor-Friendly Investments in the Industry

The AFL-CIO Investment Trust Corporation (ITC) provides labor relations support for its investment fund clients. For commercial real estate funds, these services include assisting the funds meet their union labor requirements for both development projects and operating properties. ITC’s staff is able to assist in identifying qualified general contractors or construction managers while working closely with local building and construction trades councils to ensure harmonious and economically sound ventures. ITC is also able to monitor services providers at operating properties to ensure ongoing compliance.

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The AFL-CIO Investment Trust Corporation provides investor and labor relations services to its qualified Taft-Hartley pension plan clients.
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