ITC offers labor-friendly pension funds and investment managers
an integrated package of nonfiduciary services designed for all clients to compete
and grow within the labor pension fund market.


Marketing & Sales

ITC maintains relationships with a national network of pension fund trustees, staff, and consultants, as well as labor leaders at the national, regional and local levels. These relationships enable ITC to identify trends in the labor pension fund market and facilitate the development of investment products capable of aligning with these trends.

ITC offers these investments through the AFL-CIO ITC Financial, LLC (ITCF), which is a registered broker-dealer with the Securities and Exchange Commission and a member of FINRA.

ITC connects labor retirement funds with labor-friendly investment vehicles that seek to grow and protect retirement assets while improving the lives and communities of working men and women.

Investor Relations

ITC is a nonfiduciary service provider to the labor retirement investment community. Our investor relations department often acts as the principle point of contact for fund investors and specializes in providing superior quality client relationship management. Services include, but are not limited to, distribution of financial statements and reports, updating and maintaining investor reporting systems, and responding to all inquiries from current investors.

Labor Relations

ITC provides labor relations support services for its pension fund and investment manager clients. Services include assisting managers with their labor policies. ITC maintains a network of relationships with union signatory-contractors as well as local and national labor unions affiliated with North America's Building Trades Unions. These relationships enable ITC to work with investment managers to ensure harmonious and economically sound ventures.


ITC provides nonfiduciary communications support services for its clients. Our Communications department can manage a client’s brand, website, online digital presence, social media, video production, speeches, media outreach, talking points, national presentations, groundbreakings, worker recognition events, and other strategic communication projects.

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